Joomla – double content is it a bug?

Since few days ago, I got a report from my friend that his websites isn’t normal. After I checked the website, I’m found double / multiple contents in home page. Wow, is it a Joomla Bug?

Yep, finally I got an answer to this problem, it’s a bug in Joomla MySQL query and have been submitted to bugtracker. Just two way to solve this problem, let’s do that:

1. Go to your web directory, usually for shared hosting the location will be in public_html.
2. Find directory components/com_content/models/articles.php and change some parameters like this:

$query->join(‘LEFT’,’#__contact_details AS contact on contact.user_id = a.created_by’);


$query->join(‘LEFT’,’#__contact_details AS contact on contact.id = a.created_by’);

Now your Joomla website should be normal again, have a great day!

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