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Solved Ubuntu icons close minimize maximize disappeared!

Compiz LogoTonight I have a plan to maintenance two servers in my office, but my laptop seems not good, sometimes desktop is freeze and can’t click anything, so I have to restart for several times. Ok, let’s change back from Unity to Gnome classic, and after changed to Gnome classic my desktop seems good. Something stupid make me broken, I’ve enable some effect in Compiz config manager and make some menus disappeared!. Where is “close, minimize, maximize” window menu?

Well, my plan has changed from maintenance servers to recovering my laptop, it’s so tiring me, because last time I got same problem my stupid solutions is replace my profile with a new profile finally I got my window menu back, but I’m missing my email settings, wine config, and other utilities setting :mrgreen: . Ok, I’m triying to restore the compiz setting to default but can’t solve the problem. So what happen with my window decoration? Hm…, window decoration, yeay “Window Decoration” in Compiz config may be related to this problem…

I’ve checked Window Decoration in compiz config and found that this menu was disabled, what I’m done? Ok, let’s try to enable Window Decoration like this (see picture):

Window decoration

After enabled Window Decoration in Compiz Config – Effects my desktop working smoothly :)

Thank you Sleppy…….

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