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Setting Time on Linux

Actually this article was posted in here and I’ll repost this article because some times my old blog is unavailable. By the way, how important to setting or configure date and time in your linux machine?Date and time is very important in every operating system, because without time that configured properly it’s hard to read log files.

In other case, server doesn’t work properly without a valid time if in there running some services that required valid date and time (example, hourly access list, monitoring system, log server, internet portal). So what?

How to setting date and time on linux machine? Configure date and time on linux machine is very simple and easy, just one step like below:

# date -s ‘MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS’ <– change with actual date and time eg: ‘08/18/2011 23:32:00′
# date -s 081823322011
# hwclock –utc –systohc

That’s all, and your date?

# date
Thu Aug 18 23:34:23 WIT 2011

Just few steps and safe your life :)

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