Life with the others

Life is random, I remembered an advertisement on TV that “life is never flat” yes it’s true. Few days ago I had a problem with my friends caused by misunderstanding between us. I’ve trying to explain what’s going on but they don’t want to understand, after two days forward I just thinking that I don’t have to prove something to them because I realize that I couldn’t ¬†force anyone else to accept my explanation, so just let it flow :).

Well, finally I’m decide to leave them for a while ( don’t know) and back to my life, my work. ¬†One of the things that I’m thinking is about our relationship since about 4 years ago, it’s too hard to be forgotten and too many happiness, cheerfulness, and family to be forgotten. I don’t know what I’ve to do to make it clear and everything all right again. In other side, I’m understand very well to what they’re trying to protect.

The positive things of this issue is I’ve a lot of time when weekend comes so I can spent for learning and do something useful, live must go on and I’ll be happy with other people.

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