Suhosin PHP Module Mismatch

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: suhosin: Unable to initialize module

Yesterday I got a problem with suhosin after downgrading php in cpanel, actually it’s so simple to fix suhosin problem in cpanel but I’m so tired and had a lot off issue since yesterday. After waiting arround 7 hours I didn’t get solutions from cpanel customer support, finally I’ve to fix it by my self. I know that the problem caused by suhosin module doesn’t match with API in PHP, so I just need to recompile and reinstall suhosin from source. Continue reading “PHP Warning: PHP Startup: suhosin: Unable to initialize module” »


How to upgrade PHP 5.3.xx to PHP 5.4.0

1 March 2012, I get a good news from PHP development team and they informed that PHP 5.4 has been released and available for download. I’m so exited and can’t wait to upgrade from PHP 5.3.10. Actually I don’t have any issue with PHP 5.3.10 but I just wondering to use PHP 5.4 on my web server. “Some of the key new features include: traits, a shortened array syntax, a built-in webserver for testing purposes and more. PHP 5.4.0 significantly improves performance, memory footprint and fixes over 100 bugs” quote from release announcement. Continue reading “How to upgrade PHP 5.3.xx to PHP 5.4.0” »